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One of my absolute favorite parts of the boudoir process is having you be an integral part of the album design process. Once you select your favorite images, we add them to my album design software and we decide on each page layout as a team. Did I mention I like to empower you in each and every step of this process?

Part of feeling empowered is making decisions without hesitation or apology and letting your inner creativity shine through. I am always so impressed by each person’s unique eye! If this part of the process intimidates you, that is totally ok. If you’re feeling unsure, I show you a design and see how you like it. But you always have the final say!

Once we choose your photos and the layout for each page, you’re ready to choose your boudoir album cover fabrics. The good news? I have so many fabrics, colors, and textures to choose from. The bad news? I have so many fabrics, colors, and textures to choose from. I like to ask a few questions to help guide you to make this decision:

  1. What colors to you naturally gravitate towards? What colors are reflected in your home and wardrobe?
  2. If this is a gift, what color does your significant other love?
  3. Any other significant colors for you? One of my clients did a metallic gray with black edging because she’s a steelers fan and it looked amazing!

Regardless, have fun with it.

Once we choose your cover fabric and color, you can add customization with debossing or foil stamping. Meaning, you can add text to the cover! Now, before your head spins even more, you do not have to write anything on the cover! I would say half choose not to. Here are some of my most ideas:

“for your eyes only” – this is a really popular one for my KB Babes! It is simple and flirty. I love this one

Your favorite quote! At a recent session, we put a Schitt’s Creek quote from Moira “dear god, I was a beautiful thing.” which is my favorite thing everrrrr.

My boudoir album says “for you” on the cover, because it was truly the first thing I did for myself when I started my boudoir business and it will always be a reminder that that album, this business…is for me.

For 8×8 albums, you can add up to three lines of text of 28 characters per line in the lower center. For 10×10 albums, you can add up to 3 lines in the center of the album. But I think one line always looks best on either size!

When in doubt, keep it simple. A gorgeous neutral cover will be timeless and beautiful

boudoir album
boudoir album
boudoir album
boudoir album
boudoir album

More prep tips on preparing for your reveal session on the blog here:

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