this is KB boudoir

Just a girl following her dream of making women feel beautiful and empowered through a magical boudoir experience. By the looks of the images I create, you may think I'm into all things girly and sexy but I consider a trusty fannie pack my best fashion accessory accessory and take a victory lap if I'm wearing matching socks. I feel most beautiful with a camera in my hand, doing what I love most. When I show you the back of my camera and you let out a "I can't believe that's me" I get a little extra pep in my step. We're in this together - finding the power within us, lifting each other up and celebrating our unique femininity. 

behind the camera

When I first picked up my camera, I would have never dreamed that the journey would lead me here. 

Let me start from the beginning-ish...

I’ve always been drawn to photography and have spent the past few years documenting life and love. My professional background is in mental health counseling. For the past decade, I’ve been working in the field of wellness and found myself being drawn towards topics related to female empowerment, healing and self-care. Through one magic experience, the two worlds of creative and professional collided and now I use my art as a tool for healing, transformation and helping you find that woman within you that is deserving of all the love she so freely gives to others.

Now I get to pick up my camera, see the beauty within you and help you see it too. It’s a job I don’t take lightly and I’m honored that you’re here. Let’s create something beautiful. 

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fun facts

just a few more...

What you might want to (but definitely don’t need to) know about me.

I speak in song a lot and dance pretty often to accompany my song words. No part of this performance is skillful in any way but that’s not important. 

Animal advocacy is my truest jam and I share my life with my husband and our two rescue pups, Rosie and Pete.

Holistic health intrigues me in so many ways. My background is in mental health counseling and I come at things from a wellness perspective most of the time. 

Let’s talk all day about essential oils, herbal remedies, all the ways to cook kale and mindfulness. I firmly believe that a shot of lemon and ginger is always necessary. 

fun facts

back to the beginning!

What you might want to (but definitely don’t need to) know about me.

I studied abroad in college and I have had a travel bug ever since. I once went to Ireland for 36 hours because I found a cheap first class ticket which never happens. I had no choice. 

Chocolate and peanut butter. In any combination. In any form. Forever and always.

I am an ENFJ personality type which means I'm pretty in tune with my emotions aka I cry during every suburu commercial and every hallmark movie. Basically, often.

After believing that I was "too sensitive" for far too long, I know consider my high Ievel of sensitivity to be my superpower.

I booked a session as a gift for my fiance but more so because I wanted to go into our marriage feeling confident and sexy after struggling with body image for what felt like my whole life. I knew Katie was the right person for me because of her background not just as a photographer, but as a counselor. It’s a unique combination but the two really go hand in hand for this type of experience.

- Jess

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the portfolio

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