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Let me guess...

you shot boudoir for the first time and felt the magic?

You might be thinking:
  • How can I specialize so boudoir is the only thing I get to shoot (yea…it makes me THAT happy)
  • How can I ensure that my clients have the best possible experience where they feel empowered from start to finish
  • How to learn about posing and lighting for images that make an impact
  • Can I do this without a studio
  • How do I learn about albums and products to offer
  • What the heck should I charge

let's do this thing!

I’ve been there too, and it’s too late to turn back now. I’m so glad you’re here! 

don't worry, I got you!

An educator at heart

Hi, I'm Katie! I spent nearly a decade working in public education as a School Counselor. When I walked out of my school building for the last time, I was exhausted, terrified but ready to take on the adventure of running my own boudoir photography business. Leaving a “safe” job to pursue boudoir photography was a risk but if I’m being honest, I felt like I had no other choice. Let’s get real for a second?

Sitting behind a computer screen, in a windowless office for 8 hours a day was slowly crushing my soul. Each passing day, I felt like I was abandoning myself - my passion, creativity and zest for life. I knew I needed to make a change. Leaving was always the end goal, but I set a strong foundation for my business so I could move forward with confidence that I would succeed. In less than a year, I created a six-figure business that gave me more time and freedom to live life on my own terms.

I want to help you feel the same way. Because once you start to honor who you are as a creative soul with a passion for empowering others, it’s impossible to turn back.

About the photographer

How I can help:


Not long after launching KB Boudoir, I started getting tons of messages that went something like this…”Can I pick your brain about (insert multiple biz questions here)” and truly, I was honored, but I wasn’t quite ready. I was so focused on growing my new boudoir baby that I wanted to wait for the right time to dedicate the energy needed to help other photographers. So let’s set an official date. Together we’ll come up with a designated time for a 90 minute phone call where we can chat all things boudoir. You’ll get a questionnaire from me so we can pin-point 1-3 topics for deep discussion. Understanding where you’re at and how I can help is my goal. 

i want this one


You’re ready to do the damn thing? Spend a day with me at my Westwood studio where we’ll walk through a boudoir shoot day from start to finish. What exactly does that look like?

this one is for me

⦿ 90 Minute Call
⦿ Customized Questionnaire
⦿ Follow-up To Do’s


⦿ Hair & Makeup
⦿ Outfit Selection
⦿ Posing
⦿ Lighting
⦿ Getting it right in camera
⦿ Editing
⦿ Album Design


learn with katie

The video library

For all my introverts who love to learn in the comfort of their own home…this ones for you.

Coming Soon!


Shooting out of your home and scrambling for spaces not quite cutting it? I rent out my Westwood, NJ studio. Details:

2 hour minimum


rent the studio

the studio