Boudoir, Prep Tips

One of the questions I get asked most regularly is – “Should I wear heels for my boudoir session?” The short answer is, it totally depends on a number of things – your style, your comfort level, your personality and your ultimate boudoir vision.

Let’s start with my own personal boudoir experience. I brought the one pair of heels I own. Truly, I am not a shoes girl BUT I admire the way that a pretty heel can add a pop of color and elongate the legs. I was able to work them into one of my looks so I only wore them a short time but I’m so happy I brought them! They definitely enhanced the overall look.

If you are the total opposite of me, and absolutely love shoes – no question about it…bring your fun shoes! I have had people bring boots, stiletto’s and even sneakers. It’s a great way to add your personality and style to your looks.

Heels can also help to create longer lines which enhances certain poses. Which we love!

BUT, I often describe my style as casual, undone and I love my images to represent you being caught in an intimate moment. That means something different to each person but I often feel that being barefoot exudes more intimacy.

My advice is always, bring your heels to your boudoir session when you pack your bags. We will decide together if they fit into your vision. I have even gone as far as to shoot a pose with shoes and then have you kick them off so we can see which we like better.

Here are some of my favorite high heel moments.

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