Let me start by saying bridal boudoir is pretty much my jam. As someone who thought she wanted to photograph weddings only to find out I really just love all things bridal, boudoir allows me to stay connected to my brides and gush about all the fun things on such a big day in their lives. I am forever grateful for that connection.

Lately, I’ve hit a dilemma. Because I typically book about 8-12 months in advance, I have been booked for so many bridal inquiry dates. And nothing bums me out more than telling someone I am not available to walk them through an amazing boudoir session. The solution? Booking out early of course BUT, why do we feel so much pressure to present a boudoir album as a wedding gift? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a killer gift. But it doesn’t have to be done prior to the wedding when it can be done after!

So many of my KB Babes are booking their session for after the wedding, and I’ve noticed a few things. Through that process I’ve found that it keeps the post wedding blues away with something to look forward to. There are so many exciting things going on pre-wedding – bachelorette party, bridal shower, dress shopping etc, I don’t want your boudoir shoot to be another thing on the checklist. Plus that added benefit of preparing for your boudoir shoot without the stress of planning for a wedding has been so much fun for my brides. If you’re into tradition, paper is the gift for year one and there is truly nothing better than a boudoir album!

So book the shoot for after your wedding and keep that newlywed spark going strong.

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