From the first inquiry to our first phone call, I connected with this KB Babe on so many levels. Not only was she an absolute beauty and slayed her session, but she left me inspired by her service to others, the way she loves and her overall zest for life. We chatted about our love for Vermont, breweries and overall just enjoying the little things in life. So honored to have walked through this experience with her and excited to share more about her session from her perspective!

What made you want to book a boudoir session?

I never thought boudoir was something I’d do. Like, ever. After getting engaged, I saw a lot of posts about boudoir sessions, and at first I thought “no way in hell.” But curiosity got the better of me, and I followed some of the photographers other brides posted about. As I saw more boudoir on my Instagram feed, I realized I liked some of it and thought it was pretty cool. Still didn’t want to do it myself, though. Until I came across Katie’s work. Something about her photos were so classy, so beautiful and elegant, and just resonated with me. I started thinking that maybe I *could* do it. I’d lost a lot of weight in recent years and felt more comfortable in my own skin than I ever had before, though still felt self-conscious and wasn’t where I wanted to be. I thought this could be a way to make me feel confident and sexy in a way I never had before. After much internal debate (and encouragement from my friends and fiancé), I decided to just go for it. It ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

Was there anything holding you back from booking your session?

My own self-consciousness, and finances (planning a wedding is not cheap). I didn’t think I was thin enough, attractive enough, or sexy enough, and I was definitely not cool enough (spoiler alert: you are always enough).  After mentioning it to my fiancé, he encouraged me to do it for myself. He said I should see myself the way he sees me. I wasn’t fully sold, but reached out to Katie for more information anyway. At first I decided to wait a little bit to make sure I could swing it financially and because I was too nervous to commit. When I saw how fast Katie was booking (even a year out), I decided to jump on it and I am SO glad I did. The payment plan was a huge help!

What was your favorite part of the boudoir experience?

Um. All of it! But the confidence I felt after seeing the back of Katie’s camera after even the first pose was incredible. I couldn’t believe it was me, and that I could look like that! The whole experience during the session was just so much fun and empowering, and the reveal left me stunned. Katie is just amazing. She feels like your best friend and is your personal hype-woman the entire time. I loved it so much I want to do it again! 

What would you tell someone else who is thinking about this experience but is feeling hesitant?

DO. IT. It seems daunting and terrifying at first, but Katie is with you every step of the way. You will be completely blown away. Do it for yourself to feel empowered, beautiful, confident, and like a total badass. Plus, you will get to have an album of stunning pictures of yourself to look at and marvel at when you are old! 

When you look at your photos, how would you describe the woman you see?

Beautiful. Confident. Sexy. Badass. Comfortable in her own skin. 

Why KB Boudoir?

Because Katie was absolutely made for this. I chose KB Boudoir because I loved the style of her work, but also because she was so relatable and I felt like I’d be comfortable with her. You truly do get a full experience. From the moment I booked, I had a questionnaire to fill out (which Katie clearly put a lot of thought into creating), and then a Pinterest board with outfit inspiration. Katie has a ton of resources on her website, and was always quick to respond to emails. The pre-session phone call definitely calmed my nerves, and once in the studio I felt so welcomed and energized by Katie’s excitement. I never once felt uncomfortable, and Katie walks you through everything. She constantly hyped me up throughout the session, and I felt more confident than I ever had before. After shooting, Katie edits while you go get lunch, and having the reveal the same day is amazing and a testament to how good Katie is at what she does. The photos are incredible, and designing the album together was so cool. Deciding on photos to put in the album was the hardest part, because every single photo was amazing! You absolutely cannot go wrong with KB Boudoir. Katie makes it such a positive and empowering experience, and it is worth every penny! 

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