Boudoir, Prep Tips

10 – Arrive for Hair & Makeup

Unless previously discussed, we typically always begin at 10. I ask you to arrive a few minutes prior so we can start makeup right on time! This is one of my favorite parts of the day because we hang out, get settled, and talk through your 2-3 looks and what the day will look like. While you’re in makeup, I’ll usually map out your outfits and start to get an idea of what order we’ll go in.

11:15 – Ready to Rock!

We’ll get you into your first look after you’re settled and shake out those butterflies with a fun playlist. I’ll talk to you about my posing tips and put your mind at ease by showing you each pose. 

12:30 – Break for Lunch

Towards the end of our shoot, I’ll ask if there are any poses we didn’t do that you really wanted to. Most of the time, we get them all! Next, I’ll get you on your way to lunch in downtown Westwood. I always recommend lunch at Finnegans or The Farmhouse…my absolute favs! Typically, we finish up after an hour and a half-ish of shooting but I always allow for 2 hours in case we need it! 

1:30 – Your Reveal!!!

Come on back for your reveal and album design appointment! I absolutely LOVE that a unique part of my process is the same-day reveal because it’s a full-day party that fully celebrates you. If you haven’t already, check out this post I wrote on preparing for your reveal appointment –

2:30 – That’s a Wrap!

Although you’ll be a little sore (posing is no joke) you will leave feeling like an absolute goddess. I’m always a little sad when the day ends and we say goodbye. All those months of planning and prepping have come to an end. But I always head home with my heart full of so much love and gratitude – all thanks to you!

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