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So you officially booked your boudoir session and now you’re ready to shop! Let me start with this – the hardest part is over. I am so happy for you and so glad that you decided to give yourself an incredible experience in self-love and I am here for the journey! My job is to make this process as fun and as stress-free as possible. I know shopping can be overwhelming so let me help you simplify and give you an example of 3 looks that work really well together.

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Boudoir is already outside of most people’s comfort zones so I encourage you to stay within your comfort zone when it comes to planning your looks. How do you do that? Stick to what you know works and keep it simple.


Start with something you feel covered and comfortable in that allows you to warm up. Maybe an off-the-shoulder tee or sweater paired with a cute pair of bottoms. Maybe it’s lingerie with a matching robe. Either way, think of your warm-up piece. The easy part of this look is I highly recommend shopping your closet first. Do you have a tank that makes you feel really sexy? Or a sweater that falls off your body perfectly? Let’s start there. Here are some ideas and inspiration!


Once we’re warmed up, we’ll hit some next-level posing. Never underestimate the power of a well-fitting teddy or two-piece that has a super cute back detail for poses that accentuate the booty. I also love teddys for those of us who are sensitive about our stomach area. I recommend looking for something high-waisted that has a bit of structure in the cup area for a little lift. The Victoria Secret Wicked Teddy is by far my favorite and most photographed and it’s featured in soo many of these photos!


By this point in your boudoir session, you’ve warmed up and are feeling fierce as hell. This is your time to do something a little more edgy and sexy. Whether it’s a stunning two piece set or just a satin sheet, we want to end your album with a whole lot of sexy. Here are some examples of two pieces I loved!


If it’s within your comfort zone, a cute pair of bottoms with a nude back or paired with a statement necklace works beautifully! Or no necklace to showcase your tattoos!

And finally, I always joke that even if you show up to your boudoir session with nothing, I can take a satin sheet and make it look perfect. Don’t make yourself stressed out shopping. Simple is always better.

Now that you’re inspired, head over to for links and recommendations for my favorite places to shop!

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