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Living in Northern NJ, there is no shortage of creative professions, photographers, and artists. Even when it comes to boudoir photographer, finding the right fit for you can be challenging even if you have a clear idea of the type of boudoir photos you like. Let’s go over the good stuff and help you take the next steps to find your perfect fit.
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First, let’s talk about the most important thing – your level of comfort. You want to make sure that you connect with the photographer from the start. Boudoir photography is a unique experience that can make you feel ALL the feels. You may feel vulnerable, uncomfortable, excited, nervous, empowered, sexy all rolled up into one beautiful ball of energy. It’s important that your photographer knows how to help guide you through all of those emotions and support you from start to finish. How can you make sure they’ll do that for you? Ask if they allow a phone consolation prior to booking. I always offer an inquiry call and I can usually tell within the first 10 minutes if we’re a good fit for each other.

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Once you feel like you vibe with your photographer, you want to make sure you look at their work. Go to their website, follow their Instagram, and get familiar with their editing and posing style. Do you like the colors they edit with? Do you like the poses that they show?

You also want to take note of whether your photographer uses photoshop or not. I personally do not alter the body in any way when it comes to my boudoir photos. I fully celebrate you as you are in this season of life. I also take pride in my posing skills coupled with how I help you choose wardrobe. These two things alone are more effective than photoshop and give you a true representation of your beauty. BUT, that might not be everyone’s jam. There are plenty of women who want to be photoshopped. It’s important to ask prior to booking or checkout your photographer’s website to see if they address your question.

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Ask yourself if gender matters to you. There are plenty of success boudoir photographers across all gender spectrums. You want to ask yourself if you have a preference and plan accordingly.

Location! Where is your boudoir photographer located and how far are you willing to travel? This is totally different based on the photographer. For example, my studio is located in Westwood, NJ. There are lots of boudoir photographers that work on location or rent out studio space depending on their client’s preference. So be sure to find out. Maybe you have a location in mind that would be the perfect backdrop for your session. Ask if they can accommodate that!

Posing style is where boudoir photographers tend to differ. I would describe my poses as intimate, glamorous, and emotive. My goal with each session is to tell a story as opposed to different shots in different outfits in sexy poses. I want your boudoir session to get sexier with each photo and for that reason, we start with your most conservative outfit and run through a series of prompts that show you slipping it off into something sexier. To me, boudoir is about storytelling. You could definitely get a good sense of their posing techniques from visiting their website and following their socials.

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I wouldn’t be covering all of the bases without talking about budget. Boudoir photographer is an investment and with all investments, you want to do your research. Find out if your photographer offers an all inclusive price, collections or a la carte items. Remember, photography is an art form and boudoir photographer requires extensive knowledge about posing, lighting, prompting, coaching, wardrobe and so much more for the finished product to wow you. And you deserve to be wowed – remember, you are investing in yourself.

I know I said comfort is the most important thing, but this kind of relates – privacy is SO important. Be sure to ask how your photographers handle their images. Do they go in an online gallery? Are they ever shared with anyone besides you? What measures do they take to ensure your photos remain for your eyes only. For example, I do not share my client’s images unless they give me verbal and written permission. Your photos are for YOU to enjoy and you are in full control of them. Your boudoir photos will go in a custom USB with the option to add them to a private password protected gallery.

Ready to chat more about your boudoir experience and to find out if we’re the perfect fit for each other? Get in touch here!

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