Sensitive about your arms? Boudoir looks that make you feel comfortable and sexy!

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Boudoir is not about just bearing it all in a traditional lacey matching set. Don’t get me wrong, I love those looks too but what I really love is that the beauty of a boudoir session that celebrates your unique femininity is that you can be creative and express yourself however you feel most comfortable and sexy. 

I start every boudoir experience with a questionnaire shortly after booking. It goes through a series of questions that asks about your comfort level and any body parts you may feel sensitive about. This helps me put together looks and suggestions for your boudoir mood board with wardrobe choices that are specific to celebrating the body parts you love and camouflaging what you don’t feel as comfortable with.

This blog post is for anyone who feels sensitive about their arms (myself included). There are tricks and secrets that I show you during your session in posing that help but wardrobe is especially important. 

Here are some super cute ideas for your boudoir session that will make you comfortable and sexy!

I especially love this piece because it feels so feminine and delicate. The fitted body suit is still going to show the shape of your body and the sheer fabric adds an extra hint of sexy. The neckline is plunging and the back is super cheeky, perfect for boudoir. The best part is that you can wear it out and about!

Some more robe inspiration for yaaa…

Idea number 3 – a classic white shirt.

Idea number 4 – an oversized sweater. This is one of my favorite looks to start with because you are covered and comfortable but in a way that is sexy and boudoir inspired! Pair this with a cheeky boyshort or lacey thong for the ultimate soft and feminine look.

Now that you have some ideas, start shopping! Here is my favorite go to place for online lingerie shops that photograph beautifully

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