The best brides/grooms gift, is really a gift for you.

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If you are a bride to be congrats on your upcoming wedding!

Right now you might be checking things off of your to do list and running full speed ahead to your wedding day. Planning a wedding is full of so many emotions – love, joy and the promise of forever. But it can also be filled with challenges and sometimes, it’s a time when brides are forced to confront their own personal insecurities about body image and size head on.

Chances are, you’ve watched Say Yes to the Dress and dreamt about your own experience of shopping for a wedding gown. Does it excite you or scare you?

You may have watched the movie Bride Wars (awful movie…I know. But awesomely bad movies are kind of my thing) where Kate Hudson’s character says “You don’t alter Vera! You alter yourself to fit Vera!”

You may have been sold a workout routine specifically marketed to convince you that you need to shrink your body to have the perfect wedding day. Bridal bootcamp? Sweating for the wedding? Yea, I’ve been there too.

I want to tell you something. Your size, shape and weight has absolutely no bearing or influence on your wedding day or your marriage. It just doesn’t. And if you were made to believe that it does, I’m sorry you thought you had to alter yourself in any way to fit the ideal image we’ve been sold of what it means to be “bridal” because it’s total bullshit.

“I’ve always struggled with confidence and body image and I want to go into my marriage loving my body the way that my future husband does.”

When one of my brides said this to me, I just thought, YES. She was revealing something that I knew all along but couldn’t quite articulate. Doing a boudoir session and gifting your fiance an album is technically a gift for him. But seeing yourself through the eyes of the person who loves you the most in this world, thinks you are super hot and is about to promise the rest of their life to you? You will walk away from that experience changed. And you’ll realize that the bridal bullshit bootcamps and myths you’ve been sold about getting your body “wedding ready” was a lie all along.

So yes, you are giving your fiance a gift. The gift of YOU in all your sexy glory. And they are going to love it. And it’s not just because they have hot pictures of you to look at whenever they want in the form of a boudoir album, it’s because you saw the beauty in yourself enough to gift yourself this experience. A beauty that they see every single day.

The real gift is starting your marriage off with love for your future husband or wife AND an equal amount of love for YOURSELF.

Plus, the boudoir album they’re about to open up is way much better than a watch ; )

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