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When booking your boudoir session, I have two different location options. This is one of my favorite galleries that gives you a full picture of what a boudoir session in the home studio studio would look like and the benefits to booking here versus the Westwood studio space. Let’s go through the good stuff.

First, the positives. My home is my happy place. Walking through the doors every day immediately gives me a sense of peace and calm. My husband and I bought this house about 3 years ago and have renovated each room one by one. Initially, it was a 70’s throwback (and some rooms still are) but I renovated the guest room with a small studio space in mind. It is bright, airy with lots of even natural light that makes for gorgeous images. I styled it to be classic, clean and natural. I also love the sequence of images I take down the hallway. They are perfect for boudoir storytelling and really fun for posing prompts. Finally, my home studio gives us more flexibility in terms of dates and timing. While my Westwood space needs to be rented by the hour and dates need to be confirmed, my home studio doesn’t have any restrictions. It’s alllll mine.

The downsides? It’s way smaller than the Westwood space which limits some of the posing I can do. You can get a sense of that as you scroll through the images. Additionally, I have two rescue dogs, Rosie and Pete. While they will not be home for the session (they happily go to grandma’s whenever I have a shoot) keep in mind that this is a dog loving home and hair can linger if you have allergies. I clean like a beast but their love and presence is sprinkled into my soul and home forever.

Overall, there is more flexibility for booking and timing in my home. It’s important to think of your vision – do you like light and airy/clean and simple? Then the home studio location might be for you. Located in Paramus.

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