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I’ve gotten lots of boudoir photographer questions lately and I thought it was about that time to talk about some of the business tools that I absolutely couldn’t live without. Let me walk you through some of the apps and software I use on the regular to keep my business professional, streamlined, and organized. We […]


5 Boudoir Business Tools I’d Be Lost Without

For Photographers

feature series. I am going to start inviting my past KB Babes to talk about their experience with boudoir – how it impacted them, things they were struggling with, and what was most impactful. Reading these responses has me reliving this amazing day of empowerment and self-love.


Boudoir for Self-Love


So you officially booked your boudoir session and now you’re ready to shop! Let me start with this – the hardest part is over. I am so happy for you and so glad that you decided to give yourself an incredible experience in self-love and I am here for the journey! My job is to make this process as fun and as stress-free as possible. I know shopping can be overwhelming so let me help you simplify and give you an example of 3 looks that work really well together.



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When one of my brides said this to me, I just thought, YES. She was revealing something that I knew all along but couldn’t quite articulate. Doing a boudoir session and gifting your fiance an album is technically a gift for him. But seeing yourself through the eyes of the person who loves you the most in this world, thinks you are super hot and is about to promise the rest of their life to you? You will walk away from that experience changed. And that is a gift to you.


The best brides/grooms gift, is really a gift for you.

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